Openion: US Elections Divide and Rule

US Elections Divide and Rule Author: Lokesh Kumar August 6, 2018 When I entered US politics as candidate for the congressional seat in my district, I was astonished to find party operatives were trying everything possible to have me pull out of the race. I was not a party operative, challenging a long-term political family, […]

Openion: US Debt and the Politics of Fear

US Debt and the Politics of Fear Author: Lokesh Kumar August 5, 2018 Voters across the age spectrum say that our federal government acts like a business that forcibly takes money from its customers, provides the worst products, and is run mostly by self serving two-tongued board of directors. As of August 2018, the US […]

Health Care : How to reduce costs today

Hospitals are charging us $140,000 for a hip replacement, and $50,000 for knee surgery that costs them at most $10,000. Why ? Because they can. And there is nothing you can do about it. We have become slaves to our hospital systems. They treat us like garbage, and charge us whatever they want. The emergency […]

Taxes : This why we need to lower income tax to 15%

We pay 8% Social Security, 6% sales tax, 5% property tax, 35% income tax. That totals about 50% in taxes per household. This means half our income disappears in taxes of all types. We need to let tax payers keep more of their hard earned money, by reducing wasteful government projects and balancing the budget. […]

103 WILS Ed Rivet Interview 7/16/18 06:39pm Lokesh Kumar Republican Candidate for the 8th Congressional District July 16th, 2018 06:39pm Discusses his campaign.

Schools : Kids Come First

Are you completely satisfied with your school performance? Our kids need our support and care. We need to make our schools strong. The curriculum, expectations, and accountability need major overhauling. There needs to be more support for parents, and kids need to be the only reason for each school board decision. Ask yourself these questions. […]