Don’t Throw Away Your Vote

Our system of government doesn't need changing; it's craving for your participation. We need leaders who are capable, compassionate, and know how to deliver results. Leaders who don't just think about themselves. Leaders who will create a better environment for our children. It is time to fix the system. Stand up and vote for your values. Values that made America great.

Insight: US Elections Divide and Rule

US Elections Divide and Rule Author: Lokesh Kumar August 6, 2018 When I entered US politics as candidate for the congressional seat in my district, I was astonished to find

Health Care : How to reduce costs today

Hospitals are charging us $140,000 for a hip replacement, and $50,000 for knee surgery that costs them at most $10,000. Why ? Because they can. And there is nothing you

Schools : Kids Come First

Are you completely satisfied with your school performance? Our kids need our support and care. We need to make our schools strong. The curriculum, expectations, and accountability need major overhauling.

Taxes : This is why we need to lower income tax to 15%

We pay 8% Social Security, 6% sales tax, 5% property tax, 35% income tax. That totals about 50% in taxes per household. This means half our income disappears in taxes

Jobs : How to bring back manufacturing jobs

Michigan has lost manufacturing jobs to low cost countries. It's about time we reverse this trend. NAFTA is 24 years old and WTO is 17 years. Since these two treaties,

Smaller Government, Bigger Paycheck

Why are we paying through the nose for a bloated government? I will work diligently to expose waste and abuse. We must leave more hard earned money with the people.

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