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Michigan Roads

There is no easy solution to fixing our roads. It’s a problem that extends all the way from state legislature down to county government. There is plenty of money in the system. Both MDOT and Counties have their own challenges. There is a power struggle between state and county offices. The state MDOT is hands-off after money gets transferred to counties. Unless the state legislature creates only one department of accountability, this is going to continue.

Here’s where MDOT gets its money:

Vehicle registration & gas tax
2016 : 1 bn + 1bn = $2 bn
2017 : 1.2 bn + 1.3 bn = $2.5 bn 25% more tax ($0.5 bn) yet even more pot holes in 2017.

We have more pot holes, because less is being spent on maintenance. Start complaining to your county officials if you want your roads fixed. If they don’t fix them, get active and vote for change.


Look at our grades in this recent study of Michigan infrastructure.

  • Aviation: C
  • Bridges: C-
  • Dams: C-
  • Drinking water: D
  • Energy: C-
  • Navigation: C
  • Rail: C-
  • Roads: D-
  • Schools: D+
  • Solid waste: C+
  • Stormwater: D-
  • Transit: C-
  • Wastewater: C

Michigan’s roads earn D- grade in new report on state infrastructure

Experts are giving Michigan’s roads a poor rating going into 2018 – they’ve earned a D- grade, according to a new report released Tuesday by the American Society of Civil Engineers Michigan Section.

The report gave Michigan an overall D+ grade for its infrastructure system based on an analysis of 13 categories of the state’s infrastructure….


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