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Garbage in Garbage out : Blame Game

Good governance is more or less broken in Washington. Congress has become absurdly divided and dysfunctional. While the politicians squabble and blame each other, our families and towns are feeling helpless. All our communities have long-term negative growth. Large chunks of our tax revenue are being spent on mismanaged pension plans and failed programs, leaving no money for infrastructure improvements or even basic maintenance. Healthcare costs are sucking us dry, our roads are at par with third world countries, Washington has become one big reality soap opera, the government keeps spending one trillion dollars more per year than it has, some politicians are hell bent on giving more hand outs and others see more taxes as the fix for everything. No meaning legislation comes out of congress any more. It’s just a matter of time before all civility goes out the window and fist fights start in Congress.

“Today, America faces new internal and global challenges. Unfortunately our elected officials are unable to meet these these challenges, and they are no longer able to deliver. They have had many chances. Serving without results is no longer acceptable. They have failed us, and their failures are causing us severe hardship. We need capable and unwavering leaderships in Congress that will invest in America, and put national priorities ahead of personal ambition.”

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