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Schools : Kids Come First

Are you completely satisfied with your school performance?

Our kids need our support and care. We need to make our schools strong. The curriculum, expectations, and accountability need major overhauling. There needs to be more support for parents, and kids need to be the only reason for each school board decision. Ask yourself these questions. Are you satisfied with school safety? Do you think schools are preparing your kids for success, or are you left with doing the heavy lifting yourself? Should you be able to take your tax dollars to private schools?

Are your kids getting a strong foundation?

Kids must have a strong foundation to succeed through life’s many ups and downs. Just look around, a tree wouldn’t grow well in bad soil, and you wouldn’t build a house on shaky ground. Why should you compromise on the foundation of your children?

Why don’t our schools modernize?

Our school curriculum is about 50 years behind other developed nations. It is time to modernize our curriculum, and bring it into the 21st century. School is about learning and developing strong skills. Kids need to be stronger in Math, Science, and History to be successful in today’s modernized society. Throwing laptops at the problem is not the way to prepare our kids.  Right now, Middle school curriculum is a joke.  It just does not prepare kids for High School. Vocational classes have also disappeared from schools.

Why are poor literacy skills becoming so common?

Developing strong reading, comprehension, and writing skills is one of the key goals of early schooling. Yet poor literacy skills have become an endemic problem. This is not a special ed problem. If kids can speak English fluently, they should be able to read and write fluently. Poor literacy skills have a negative impact on motivation to learn, and self-esteem. Many schools don’t even have money for books that kids can take home.

Do schools have enough money?

My family council days and fifteen year involvement with schools showed me that school boards definitely don’t know how to spend money. There is good talent at every school district, yet many schools are not able to flourish. They are often just following bad procedures, or don’t have enough funding. Cutting school funding is not the way to fix this problem. In fact, it makes a bad situation worse. Neither is giving more taxpayer money the solution. Giving more money would be like putting more air into a leaky tire. Let us all work together to plug the holes and fix the tire first. With so many challenges, teacher salaries should be a priority, so we can pay them well to get the best talent for building our next generation.

Where is the accountability?

Only 8 out of 10 kids graduate high school in Michigan. This has been the norm for 10+ years. Compare this to traveling in a plane. This would mean only 8 out of 10 planes landed successfully, and 2 crashed every time. Would you settle for it? Only 5 out of 10 high school kids actually finish college. The numbers are appalling. This cannot continue, the whole system needs a major overhaul. There has to be accountability.

Prepare all kids for high paying jobs

Why are so many high paying technology, engineering, and skilled jobs going to immigrants? By not preparing our kids for these industries, we are also feeding the immigrant problem.

Our kids come first. They deserve better. The parents deserve better. Let us work together, find the very best solutions, and implement them selflessly for our children. Perhaps expanding early childhood education can lead to better results. Whatever we do, it must be all about the kids. If parents feel school vouchers are good, then why should the government stand in their way? Each child and family is unique. Only parents really know what is best for their child.

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