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Smaller Government, Bigger Paycheck

Why are we paying through the nose for a bloated government? I will work diligently to expose waste and abuse. We must leave more hard earned money with the people. Real taxes should be no more than 15% of our income.

We already pay 8% to Social Security, 6% to sales tax, 4% to property taxes, 30% to income tax. Based on household income, that’s a total of about 50% in taxes.¬† Means the government takes every $2500 out of the $5000 you worked so hard to earn. Make your choice. More of the same or time to change?

On Aug 7th, we can make it happen Рbut only if you act now to #ProtectYourValues . Retweet this and sign up to knock doors & contribute at https://lokeshkumar.org to bring our voice to Congress.

Take a look at size of government spending which has mushroomed beyond belief.


Source: https://fee.org/articles/the-growth-of-government-in-america/

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