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Insight: US Debt and the Politics of Fear

US Debt and the Politics of Fear
Author: Lokesh Kumar
August 5, 2018

Voters across the age spectrum say that our federal government acts like a business that forcibly takes money from its customers, provides the worst products, and is run mostly by self serving two-tongued board of directors.

As of August 2018, the US National debt was $21 Trillion.  The federal government takes in approx. $3 Trillion taxes every year and spends $4 Trillion. So every year the government spends about $1 trillion more than it should. I have come to the realization that it is a core issue that does not get much traction. I believe, federal spending must be reduced at all cost. This can only be done by “cost reduction of services”, not necessarily cutting services. We are being scared everyday by politicians who want to increase taxes, or cut our social security. It’s all non-sense, and scare mongering. These are just trigger words to scare you, and keep you from thinking straight. Most of these politicians couldn’t do their own taxes, let alone comprehend balancing the federal budget.

The solution is much simpler. First, let’s bring the numbers to more manageable ones for a common voter. Let’s say, if you were spending $40,000 and only earning $30,000, then you would have to learn to live within your means. You just couldn’t have steak every day, or eat out whenever you like, or buy anything you like at the mall, or get that fully loaded car, or take off to vacation whenever. If the federal government were a family or business, it would have been bankrupt long ago. If it were another country, it would have been bankrupt, and all the politicians kicked out on the street.

Every home I go to, people tell me how much they are disgusted with the federal government, and the quality of elected officials. When was the last time, a federal candidate came to your home to ask what was important to you? Politicians have actually figured out how to get what they and their financiers want by doing nothing. Having a dysfunctional and divided Congress is the best thing for them since sliced bread. Talking about this problem a thousand times over isn’t going to help. Neither is watching your favorite program. Ignoring the problem just makes it worse. Believe it or not, no politician can fix your healthcare, your roads, jobs, your schools, or your favorite issue. Those TV ads, voters guides, mailers, phone calls, canvassers are all same.

Only you can fix this. Use the power of vote vested in you by the constitution. At the end of the day, you and your children are the ones handing out your hard earned money day after day to politicians. Don’t let only your grandparents decide the primaries. Today, voting affects you and the next generation more than anything else. If you don’t vote in primaries, you will be served leftovers and have no real choice in November. Our system doesn’t need changing, it’s craving for participation. Only real fear of being fired from their offices is going to fix our system. Use the vote our founding fathers died for, and fire at will.

Insights into American politics by Lokesh Kumar detail his experiences as a federal congressional candidate on the campaign trail. In this article, the author talks about how his views were shaped by visiting people door to door and asking them what were their most important issues, and how to fix them.

Source for US debt http://www.usdebtclock.org/

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PDF: US Debt and the Politics of Fear – Lokesh Kumar

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