What I stand for

  • Make more in America
  • Small government, lower taxes, lower deficit
  • Traditional family values
  • Live and let live philosophy
  • Protect the 1st and 2nd amendment
  • Deliver results

What I will do

  1. Work to bring in more federal funding to help our ailing infrastructure
  2. Assist manufacturers with federal resources to bring more manufacturing jobs to our district
  3. Work to lower income tax to 15% while reducing federal budget deficit
  4. Work to lower college tuition and make schools stronger without giving handouts
  5. Work to protect social security for seniors and veterans
  6. Work to exempt retired seniors and veterans from belligerent tax increases
  7. I’ll listen to you, and hold quarterly meetings in every county to talk with you in-person

“Today, America faces new challenges. Our high paying manufacturing jobs have relentlessly migrated to low cost countries, creating severe hardship for our families. We are boosting economies of other countries, at the expense of our communities. We have changed from a nation of manufacturers and innovators to a nation of consumers. Belligerent short-sighted policies and useless politicians have made the US too dependent on other countries. We can work as hard as anyone, but if Congress doesn’t give us a level playing field, or keep costs in check, it’s all useless. Good law abiding citizens are having to compromise because of unfair handouts, taxes, and unbearably high cost of living. There is no such thing as savings for the common man. We are being worked to the bone by high taxes, high cost of healthcare, education, and insurance. Politicians that don’t provide leadership, and can’t deliver on these issues need to be replaced.”

“I believe good governance is more or less broken. Over the last 20 years, the quality of life in Michigan has become worse every year. Why? When rest of the world is racing ahead. In the past five years it has come to a breaking point. All our townships have long-term negative growth. The most visible signs are our crumbling infrastructure, high taxes, over-reaching regulations, and people choosing to move out of our district.”

“Serving alone is not enough. Voters want results. They need unwavering leadership in Congress that will invest in America. Leadership that will put national priorities ahead of personal ambition and bickering.”

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